Body Treatments

BioSlimming Body Wrap

1 hour @ $89.00

Dramatically Decrease the Appearance of Cellulite and Fat Deposits

Ever imagined that one hour of relaxation and treatment could leave you looking visibly slimmer, more toned and lighter, with the appearance of your cellulite noticeably reduced?

If you didn’t think this was possible, I’ve got news for you! Our BioSlimming body wrap treatment can do this and so much more. The scientifically formulated ingredients in our BioSlimming body wrap work together to tone and slim down the areas of the body, most affected by the appearance of cellulite. It firms your skin and gives it a tighter, smoother look, by boosting the production of collagen.

Tired Feet Therapy

30 minutes @ $49.00

The Perfect Treatment for Overworked Feet.

Spend a lot of time on your feet? Feel the pain and tiredness melt away with our tired feet therapy – an incredible way to bring relief to your tired legs and feet. This foot treatment is an excellent way to relive the aches and pains your feet feel as they support you through the stresses of the day.

Our tired feet therapy helps to stimulate lymphatic flow, balance water retention, and energize tired legs and feet. Walk away feeling loads lighter and in a lot more comfort with feet that feel almost as good as new.

Bring Relief to Your Tired Legs and Feet – book now!

Back Treatment

30 minutes @ $59.00

Even Our Backs Need Some Love

Our Back Treatment is almost the same as a facial, but instead of the face, this facial is performed on the back. Lots of people develop blemishes or acne on their back, but do not know an effective way to moisturize and cleanse. Back treatments are a great way to get rid of these blemishes and back acne, which can sometimes be very painful.

Our back treatments give your backs 30 full minutes of attention and we follow most of the same procedures as a Facial. This pore cleansing treatment helps hydrate hard-to-reach areas and clears up breakouts.