Massage is an art copied by many but mastered by few.

Ruth Govea

Founder/Massage Therapist


Hi, my name is Ruth Govea and I’ve been a certified massage therapist for over 10 years. I’ve worked under chiropractors, neurologists and physical therapists, which eventually led me to establish my own practice.

I believe massage is a valuable investment in your health. The benefits are immense: stress relief, improved range of motion and decreased pain to name a few. I believe that a massage should be thorough. This is why I provide a full 60-minute massage, and not 50 minutes like the industry standard. I also believe that a massage should not be rushed. Therefore, I schedule extra time in between clients so that your time is dedicated to you and no one else.

Please note: I am available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Located at:
630 S. Glassell St., Suite 102
Orange, Ca 92866